Birding Events

Birding events are CCC’s favorite and most celebrated specialty. For 22 years, CCC principal Jim Rapp organized and held the Spring Delmarva Birding Weekend which entices some 400 participants from all over the US who take part in more than 30 boating, paddling, and walking birdwatching trips on Delmarva in late April. After forming our business, we added a Winter Delmarva Birding Weekend in 2016 which was met with unbridled enthusiasm. In addition to these two events, CCC now holds a Beans, Birds, and Beers series on the peninsula, colonial nesting bird tours, Smith Island Pelican Tours, and the award winning Baltimore Birding Weekend which was highlighted in 2017 in Baltimore Magazine and won the best new eco-event for 2017, awarded by Baltimore Magazine. For guides we hire the best and most fun birders in Maryland and offer trips that make beginners feel welcome. While we are currently in the process of working on a D.C./PG County Birding Weekend, we are eager and happy to work with additional regions, states, counties, or municipalities who want to bring birders to their regions.